True Health Does Not Come From a Pill

I don’t like taking pills, any kind of pill. Are you with me on this?
I have always felt the cornerstone of good health does not come from taking pills or injections.

Maybe it is my dislike for trying to choke down horse pill-sized vitamins as a kid or maybe it is something deeper about the convenience and disconnect from what real health means?

During my private practice (Traditional Oriental Medicine -Acupuncturist), I was perplexed at the number of patients who would come in and list the number of pills they were taking, prescriptions, nutritional supplements, powders ect.
So many of these health seeking individuals were barely eating any real food!

Reducing chronic negative stress and eating well is always the base to start from.

I wanted to make a beverage that would provide incredible nutrition from plant-based real food ingredients but at the same time a drink that you love to consume. Late night books that you can’t put down - enjoy Turmeric Zing - perfect alternative to coffee and tea as it contains no caffeine.
Long discussions with a close friend on how to change the world - several cups of Turmeric Zing can keep that brain powder firing!

Peace and Zing Warren