Too Good to Be True

Have you ever found yourself feeling helpless watching a friend or loved one working through a difficult health challenge?
What if there was something you could offer that could really help?
What if there was something we could do to help us stay healthy and vibrant and provide real health benefits?
What if I told you that there is a plant ingredient that has been used for thousands of years that has well over 300 modern clinical scientific studies indicating a benefit for conditions like arthritis, pain, colitis, ulcers, PMS, anti-aging, cognitive health, digestive health, cancer, heart health and more?
Sound too good to be true right?
Stick with me here, as I honestly would have agreed with you had someone told me all of this.

I believe a healthy bit of skepticism can serve us well and that cynicism and close-mindedness are an impediment to a full life. The power of intention, positive energy, and good science seems to weave a delicate balance in the mysteries of maintaining health and wellness.

I have been following for the last few years this dense root that has the color of the earth on the outside and a captivating color of the setting sun in summer on the inside.
Enter turmeric….turmeric belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae (hence the name Zing!) both cardamom and ginger are related to turmeric and can be found in our new product Turmeric Zing. 

Peace and Zing