Curcumin as a Complementary Tool for Weight Loss

I always shy away from recommending supplements for weight loss.
This category is ripe with scammy "lose weight quick" type schemes usually based on taking pills or a smoothie/shake. 
Everyone knows or should know there is no quick fix and that weight management takes a conscious effort to balance lifestyle choices that include food quality and intake, chronic stress, environmental toxins and exercise.  
This said I came across a few interesting articles recently suggesting curcumin (my favorite sun colored extract from Turmeric) may be useful for the treatment and prevention of obesity and related chronic diseases,
The studies suggest that curcumin can be consumed by overweight individuals to help change the composition of fat cell in their bodies to the healthier calorie burning type (brown fat).
Maybe you have already heard about the difference between brown fat in your body "good" and white fat "bad".   While white fat stores energy, brown fat uses energy. In recent years, the interest in brown adipose was sparked as it is associated with increased metabolism and potential to fight obesity and type 2 diabetes.
Obesity and belly fat particularly is composed of white fat, brown fat cells, unlike white fat cells, are capable of diverting significant quantities of dietary caloric energy into thermal energy or heat. This is one hypothesis as to why some can withstand cold temperatures better than others. Cold immersion is another way to increase brown fat in the body.
If you are already consuming turmeric or curcumin on a regular basis, you are well aware of the many health benefits, even more so if you regularly drink the delicious, highly absorbable curcumin packedTurmeric Zing!